Project through the Body – Session with Carran Waterfield

On Monday Carran Waterfield came in to discuss the MA students projects and give her insight into the collaborations from her own work. We also took part in an exercise that allowed us to take a new route in exploring our work.

The exercise took around an hour and it consisted of concentrating on our breathing and using our body and its instinctive nature to create a journey through the project.

This exercise was extremely beneficial to me. I came out of it with a lot of new thoughts and perspectives on the project. Though it may have looked like a lot of nonsense, me creating different movements and creating random acts across the room, but in my mind’s eye I was guiding myself through the journey of the project and finding new meanings and insights.

I was extremely focused during this workshop, as I created movements I found myself analysing each part of my body from stretching my arms and reaching out. To not being able to move my feet and feeling stuck.

After the exercise was finished I wrote down my immediate thoughts and feelings and this is what I wrote down.

“Branch and broaden – Stretch out to the edges. Lines – Straight lines- one step at a time. Reach out at the surroundings be open and accepting. Take a step back, it’s ok to be stuck wait and appreciate it. Feel the outlines and explore the edges. Take everything that surrounds it. Allow it to fester and advance your knowledge. ALLOW AND ACCEPT. Continue the journey accept the faults and failures.”

This technique I feel was wonderful for my approach to the project. The interpretation of instinctive thought and action in terms of my project has allowed me to think wider than my original plans. It has allowed me to be confident in myself and not get too focused on what I have to create and do. Rather it has given me the opportunity to reflect and explore the project and use my peripheral vision to see past the narrow path of the project and open up to new horizons or opportunities that can potentially help.


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